New site, new blog….

TessLottaPhoto0453Hello there!

This is my first website and blog, so pardon the rookie marks.  I’ll try and keep things concise and sincere as well as keep my ego in check.

A brief layout of the site:

The Discography page has my first release as Triangle and Two.  It’s an EP of what I would call emo/electronic, a blend of post-punk guitar driven songs mixed with beats and samples with the speeches of Winston Churchill sampled throughout.  This has been an idea I have had kicking around for a long time, being fascinated with Churchill and his role in the World Wars, and specifically his importance to the British people during World War II.

The Categories/Genres page is a spot to give music supervisors and filmmakers a place to sample some styles I work with along with brief descriptions of the songs. There are more of these types of tracks available and I will be mixing the songs up periodically, bringing in some older tracks and new as well.

A huge thanks to my wife Tess. Lotta who not only provided the technical expertise to get this thing up, but also the continued support and encouragement to keep making music.  Tess. also has provided all the artwork and photography on this site.

Check out more of her awesome work at:

Upcoming blog posts will be on topics around the idea of the working musician, living in LA, probably some cycling posts just for fun as the Tour starts this weekend.  I hope to see you here again!



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