Photo by Tess. Lotta

Triangle and Two is LA-based musician David Gloshinski. T&2 is Gloshinski’s solo project for which he writes, records, and produces, inviting guest artists for vocals and other instrumentation.

In 2015, he released Volume 1: Churchill, his first record as T and 2, a record blending post-punk guitar with electronica and BBC archived speeches of Winston Churchill sampled throughout the record. In December of 2017 he released “Clinging to Nothing”, an EP of saturated guitars and electronic beats centered around guest vocalist Tess. Lotta. In August of 2020 “Star Motel”, an EP of ambient-post punk instrumental tracks was released, with Tess Lotta creating the artwork, design, and creative concept for the release.

Since the early 1990s, Gloshinski has played in numerous bands, including post-hardcore Bob Evans, prog-rockers Raoul, and lo-fi artists Rebuttal.